10 A/B Multivariate Split Testing Musts with Examples
A list of ideas for running multivariate testing to gather information.

10 A/B Multivariate Split Testing Musts with Examples

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A List of A/B Testing Ideas

Many businesses now run A/B tests on their website in order to gather data on what changes will work to enhance their business success. Amazon runs over 100 tests monthly on its website, making it a great example to show how a simple experiment can optimize your site, resulting in creating more sales, conversions, and views.

Here are 10 test ideas to help you improve your business website:

1. Using People in Your Images
Experiment to see whether a smiling face in the product/service photo helps you sell more.

2. Using Text and/or Images on Buttons
Find out whether your visitors prefer to links within text or on buttons.

3. Placing a Guarantee Symbol
Discover if warranties and guarantees influence the choices of your customers.

4. Using Placeholder Text
Find out whether your customers prefer to have instructions placed within textboxes or not.

5. Finding the Optimal Testimonial Length
Figure out how the testimonial length affects your visitors more positively.

6. Finding the Optimal Page Length
Test to see what page length affects your visitors more positively.

7. Adjusting Price Displays
Change how a price is displayed to see how it affects sales.

8. Coming up with a New Headline
Play around with the wording to see which headline influences the actions of website visitors the most positively.

9. Using a Bullet List or Paragraph Text
See whether a more scannable text organization style brings the most sales.

10. Using Big or Small Images
Experiment using different sized images and see which ones bring in a better response, saleswise.
Running tests on your website can help you see what works best for you. After looking at the numbers, you will know how to optimize your site for a better customer experience and sales turnout.

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