Homepage Optimization Techniques Used by Fortune 500 Companies
An outline of popular methods used for optimizing your homepage to improve your conversion.

Homepage Optimization Techniques Used by Fortune 500 Companies

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Home Page Design of Fortune 500 Websites

A successful home page can be difficult to design, but looking at the competition will give you better insight onto what really works. Here are some characteristics of the home pages of Fortune 500 websites.

Average Characteristics:

Width: The average size is 877 pixels.
Logo: 93% were placed in the top left corner.
Tagline: 27% include a tagline or slogan.
Background: 80% use a light background/color scheme.
Search Box: 87% have a search box.
Call to Action:47% contain clear call-to-action buttons that take 3 seconds or less for the user to see.
Blog Posts:60% feature blog posts and news about their company on the homepage.
Contact Info: 63% were hard to find.
Newsletter: 80% did not have a signup featured on the homepage.
Social Media: 11% had social media above the fold, and 89% contained them below.

  • 63% place their content above the fold.
  • 50% include a scrolling content window.
  • 70% utilize Favicon icons.
  • The average loading time takes 6.5 seconds.
  • The average size of a homepage is 766kb.
  • 93% use a centered-approach navigation structure.
  • 63% contain high quality images meant to build consumer connection.

  • Studying your successful competitors is an important and humbling part of the research process when you are trying to come up with your website’s home page. Learning from your industry opponents can give you a better insight on topics such as logo placement, the importance of social media, having blog posts, and containing search boxes.

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