Increasing Video Engagement and Video Engagement Statistics
The importance of increasing video engagement and how it helps your play rate.

Increasing Video Engagement and Video Engagement Statistics

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Videos and Views

Online videos have recently turned into a powerful marketing tool. If you plan to videos in the future, read the rest of the article to learn about how to create a video that will engage your audience and prevent them from becoming bored with your content.

Engage Your Users

The first thing to keep in mind is the attention span of your viewer. Keep your video short. In a trial by Wistia, two matching videos were shown to viewers, with one having an extra 10 second clip at the end. The results revealed that overall, the shorter video was viewed 72% of the way through and the longer video was viewed 50% of the way through. This demonstrates how the attention span of viewers degrades as videos grow longer, which is not surprising considering how the average attention span for online videos is 60 seconds.

Capture Your Viewers

You can capture your viewers by showing the end result at the beginning. This allows them to see early on in the video what is going to happen, helping to keep and maintain their interest. Show detail by strategizing each show to have new and in depth information. Make the video personal by adding a personal experience to your main message.

Video Length

Finding the right video length is important to maintain engagement. Shorter videos create a higher possibility of engagement. According to Wistia, the average 30 second video was viewed 85% through, while the average 2 minute video was viewed 50%.

For videos 2 minutes and under, create content that is short and to-the-point to get the highest percentage of engagement possible. Also, it is advisable that you place what the viewer wants to see at the beginning and pair it with the most important parts of your message as well.

Monitor Play Rate Statistics

Your play rate is the percentage of unique visitors that click play when presented with a video. Monitoring your play rate will help you to achieve successful. A poor play rate means that no one is receiving your content, resulting in an ineffective video campaign. 1 out of 6 people, or 16.9%, click to view a video when it is loaded onto a business homepage, according to Wistia.

With prospective customers, their interest in a product or service leads them accounting for a 30% higher play rate. Understanding the user and learning what motivates them will assist with improving your play rate as well as considering the factors outlined below.

Factors That Affect Your Play Rate.
Video Thumbnail
Video Placement on the Page
Size of the Video
Video Context

Gaining a better understanding of how your viewer interacts with your video campaign will help to increase your video engagement and campaign success. It is important to routinely monitor your play rates in order to determine what adjustments need to be made. The tasks involved are difficult, but, in order to conquer your market you must plan and follow through with your operation wisely.

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