Best SEO Strategies, Trends, and Techniques for 2013
A guide on how to gear your SEO strategy for 2013.

Best SEO Strategies, Trends, and Techniques for 2013

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SEO Trends 2013

Future of SEO
  • 6 out of every 10 organizations plan to increase SEO spending in 2013.
  • 63% of Executive teams have a better understanding of SEO than a year ago.
  • 65% of marketers claim natural search is influencing revenue strategy than a year ago.
  • 66% of marketers budgets are increasing.
  • 71% of marketers are more enabled to adjust web marketing strategies than a year ago.

  • SEO in 2013
    Social sharing sites are influence brand sharing. However, Facebook and Twitter have been reducing the amount of data shared with Google and other third parties. Less transparency exists as restrictions on data share advance in 2013. Simple navigation for websites will be required with a straight forward page hierarchy increasing the sites authority.

    Authors will be ranked on social endorsements and relevancy based on the amount of tweets, shares, and likes. Comments and authors experience writing on a specific topic will additionally impact the author rank.

    Overall content will influence the importance of the site and develop longer lasting relevancy with search. This means that more focus should be given to longer informative posts, and less on disposable content. Quality content can be generated through solid research, understanding of the audience, and regular/timely updates.

    Mobile devices have also influenced the ability to result in a user action. 9 out of every 10 mobile searches result in an action with 25% of US mobile users only operate on mobile devices. Expect an increased emphasis on location based, personal, and timely results.

    In the End
    Multiple avenues must be undertaken to ensure the best SEO practices are used. Accomplish this through social and mobile pay per click and location based campaigns, utilizing 12 content marketing tactics, and creating mobile capatibility.

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