Reputation Management Services

ByReputation offers online search engine reputation management services for businesses and individuals. Below you can see more details of how we remove and suppress complaints from the first page of Google results.

Online Search Engine Suppression

First Page Google Results
The most important Google results for any business are the first page of results that come up when their company name is directly typed in. Our reputation management experts create a strategy for every client to suppress the existing negative results and protect the first page from future negative search results.

Reputation Search Engine Optimization
Our SEO experts are able to make on page adjustments to existing content to outrank the negative content that is showing up on Google searches for specific keyword phrases related to the company.

Reputation Link Building
For the existing pages that do not outrank the negative information showing up in search results, we launch a link building campaign to the different pieces of content that describe the client in a positive manner.

Reputation Management Suppression

Content Creation for Reputation Management

Targeted Pieces of Positive Information
The reputation management consultants will create a series of positive content across multiple websites. This content will be based on existing information and press about your company. The content can range from discussing selling points of your top products to writing a positive profile about the CEO or business owner.

Positive Press Release Distribution
Our company is able to get positive press about your company on major news sites like Google News and Yahoo News. We also get the press distributed to over 250,000 subscribers and 30,000 journalists. This increases the amount of positive content about your company from trusted news websites.

Leveraging Online Video in Search Results
Having videos show up on the first page of search results adds perceived credibility to your company. Google typically allows for two videos to show up on the first page of results. We will either work with the existing videos of your company or create a set of new videos discussing the companies specific services.

Reputation Management Press Releases

Why Reputation Management is Important

85% of Prospects Perform a Company Name Google Search
In the "Cone Consumer Influence Study," it was found that 85% of consumers will go online to find more information about your company before making a buying decision.

80% Will Not Buy if They See Negative Information
In the same study, it was identified that 4-out-of-5 consumers reverse purchase decisions based on finding negative information online. This means that one negative search result could cost your company 80% of new sales.

Moderate to High Price Products Have More Exposure
The Cone Study did additional surveys for products and services that had different price ranges. For moderate and high cost products and services, 89% of consumers go online to do additional research about the company.

Reputation Management Survey

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