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ByReputation supplies our clients with full service search engine marketing services. For every client, we create a unique search engine marketing strategy that is designed to deliver high converting traffic. Below is a brief explanation of our search engine marketing services that we execute for our clients.

Identification of Keywords

Competitive keyword analysis of top three domains within industry
We identify the top converting keywords within an industry by performing a competitive analysis of three competitors that have the superior search engine marketing campaigns in place. This allows us to leverage years of trial and error within a matter of weeks.

Detailed research to identify primary and secondary phrases
Every search engine marketing campaign is based upon two sets of keyword phrases, primary and secondary. The primary terms are usually made up of a small set of 5-20 keyword phrases with significant competition. The secondary terms are a large set of 100-1000 keyword phrases with less competition.

Site hierarchy keyword matching based upon competition level
The site hierarchy starts with the home page at the top and extends down the deeper you have to click into the domain. Each keyword phrase is assigned a score based upon the level of competition, and that allows us to place the keyword phrases in the best spot for optimal performance.

Keyword Research

Analytics and Tracking

Installation of Google analytics if not already in place
For our clients that are not using an advanced analytics program, we install Google analytics on every page within the domain. This allows us to see how everyone is getting to the client's website and how they are moving through the website.

Review of past analytics and trends for all pages being tracked
For the clients that have an existing analytics program in place, our search engine marketing experts review all past analytics for the domain. The review is designed to uncover existing trends that we can leverage for increasing traffic and conversions.

Ongoing reviews of Google analytics
During the search engine marketing services campaign, we are constantly reviewing the data that is coming in from the Google analytics program so that we can optimize the campaign as new trends are identified.

Search Engine Analytics

Conversion Optimization

Review of current pages that receive traffic
By incorporating the data from the analytics review, we are able to identify which pages are the most valuable based upon several key metrics. As part of our search engine marketing services, a specialist looks at each page to identify areas that could be altered to increase the conversion rate.

Identification of traffic flow influenced by layout
Google analytics allows us to see the primary paths that visitors follow through the client's website. This allows us to take the same path and identify areas of the site layout that keep the visitors from converting to a lead or purchase.

Conversion Optimization

On Page Optimization

Review of 17 primary elements that influence search rankings
Here are the primary areas that we focus on, meta data, title tagging, header tagging, image tagging, content tagging, content development, latent semantic indexing, code minification, code organization, external file implementation, 301 redirections, url taxonomy, navigational taxonomy, site architecture, internal linking, anchor text implementation, and site usability.

On page adjustments and additions to all pages
After reviewing the primary elements for each page, we make adjustments and additions to the on page search engine optimization for the keyword phrase that is being targeted for that specific page.

On Page Search Engine Optimization

White Hat Linkbuilding

Penguin safe linkbuilding techniques
With the Google algorithm change that was made during the Penguin updates, it is very important that you choose a company that will use white hat linkbuilding techniques. We have always used white hat linkbuilding techniques that are Penguin safe.

Review of current inbound link profile
Every domain has an inbound link profile. We utilize the best program in the search engine marketing industry to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your link profile. This allows us to identify areas within your link profile that may be working against you in regards to the current Google algorithm.

Controlled ramp up of quality links valued by search engines
With today's search engine algorithms, it is important to have a steady monitored growth of inbound quality links. We focus our efforts on what the Google algorithm demands, which is quality over quantity.

Search Engine Linkbuilding

Social Signals

Social media signals are increasing in value to search algorithms
It is important to have pages within your domain that have been liked, retweeted, pinned, and plus oned. Social signals are the fastest growing element within all of the major search engine algorithms.

Distribution to network of highly connected social media users
Our company owns several niche communities that are made up of highly connected social media users. We strategically distribute pages to these users to create a wide distribution of social signals across the domain.

Pinterest pin strategy for high value search engine links
Pinterest has emerged as a dominant social signal over the past year. We have a specific ongoing strategy in place to increase the number of your pages that are placed across multiple pinboards within Pinterest.

Social SEO Signals

Blog Content Marketing

Consistent unique content increases Google freshness score
Google places significant value on domains that publish consistent unique content. Our writers create well crafted articles that are in the Google sweet spot of 400-600 words per page.

Creation and design of blog using Wordpress
Wordpress is the blog software that is valued highest by the search engines, and that is why we use it for the backbone of all our client blogs.

Strong call-to-action built into each page of blog
Each blog is focused around getting traffic to the service and product pages of the main site. Strong calls-to-action are strategically placed around the content to create a seamless flow to core landing pages.

Ability to target hundreds of additional industry related keywords
Most companies do not have an ongoing content marketing strategy and are limited to the number of industry keywords that can be included in their organic search engine marketing campaign. The blog articles allow us to target the hundreds of secondary keyword phrases identified in the initial keyword research, which leaves no stone unturned.

Marketing of viral infographics to increase social signals
In addition to the articles, we publish infographics through the blog that have a high virility score. After they are published we promoted them to our base of 50,000+ highly connected social media users. This enables us to get Facebook likes, Twitter retweets, and Pinterest pins from user profiles that are deemed valuable by the search engine algorithms.

Here are a few examples of blogs that we produce content for:

BrandonGaille.com - This is the personal blog of our CEO that focuses on topics for small business owners.

CelebrateYoga.org - Here is a blog that was created for one of our clients that focuses around yoga and meditation.

VisionLaunch Crowdfunding Blog - We designed and create the content for this client. The company is a startup that is building a Crowdfunding platform.

RooterGuard.com - We are creating the content for their blog and handling the search engine optimization of their website.

WPVirtuoso.com - This is a blog that is focused around the niche of WordPress blogging.

Search Content Marketing

Search Engine Marketing Services

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