Google Author Rank SEO Techniques and Strategies
A definition of Google author rank and how it is used to impact search engine optimization.

Google Author Rank SEO Techniques and Strategies

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Google Author Rank

Google Author Rank is meant to rank high quality content and good content agents high within search. This is gained through applying the below factors:

  • Number of shares for each post
  • Number of comments
  • Google+ Engagement
  • Connection to other related sites
  • Average pagerank
  • Posting frequency

  • Rel=Author
    Used for claiming ownership to your content. Showing your image and information within search results and providing links to your website, bio, or Google profile. There are four steps to setting up Authorship.

    1. Set up a Google Plus Profile and Add your blogs to the contributor section
    2. Link your blogposts to your Google+ Profile by editing each blogpost
    3. Publish your post
    4. Track all previous valuable published content and update the authorship markup on each of them.

    Routinely check your Google+ feeds, comment/guest blog on related blogs, post weekly updates, and add influential content agents to your Google+ circles. 

    Add Brandon to Your Circles on Google Plus

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