Google Over Optimization Penalty: Tips on Fixing and Preventing
Ways to make the most of your SEO from Google updates and preventing yourself from an over optimization penalty.

Google Over Optimization Penalty: Tips on Fixing and Preventing

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The Most Recent SEO Methods to Raise Your Rank and Prevent Over-Optimization

Raising your rank is important for any business or organization to establish an online presence. The higher the ranking of your website, the greater chance you have in successfully building your traffic numbers. There are many ways to boost your search rank, but the most effective ones are natural, balanced, and geared towards the end user, not the search engine. Some things you should consider are avoiding aggressive link building and maintaining a form of balanced link distribution among your website pages.

  • 79% of search engine users click on natural search results.
  • 80% of them seldom click on sponsored search results.
  • 75% of searchers do not scroll past the first page of results.

  • Here are 11 Ways to Improve Your Rank and Avoid Being Over-Optimized

    1. Use a Guest Blogging Opportunity.
    This is a valuable tool to bring in traffic and place higher on search results. Find an opportunity to place your articles onto well-known private blogs that show your authority and expertise over a certain subject. Make your post unique and full of rich content in order to better reach out to your newly exposed audience.

    2. Fix Broken Links.
    Upon learning that you have broken links, fix them immediately. If you don’t your site might be labeled as low quality by search engines, causing your potential visitors to visit your competitors instead. Monitor your links by performing regular checks and take the time to create a customized 404-error page that matches your website design.

    3. Follow Competitors’ Links with High Page and Domain Activity.
    Analyze how your competition outranks you and look at their links, page rank, and domain activity. After you have done your research, come up with strategies to help your company exceed your competition.

    4. Get Interviewed.
    An interview can boost your website performance and increase your brand authority, as well as your reputation, in the search engine results. Contact bloggers and magazines in your industry for interview opportunities and if you are successful in you search, make sure to appear interesting and unique during the discussion. Afterwards, take the opportunity from your new-found “fame” to be active on forums that relate to your industry and social networking portals. Any help and contribution that you give will be noted and will expand your network even more.

    5. Get Social to Attract Natural Popularity and Powerful Links.
    In today’s world, SEO has become more geared towards SMO for social media optimizing. Social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+, will rank your search results higher as you spread more content and get more mentions. These sites will also give you the opportunities to attract natural links without acquisition. Take note that when you share content and update that you include your brand name and backlinks to your website to potentially improve your click-through rates by 94%.

    6. Content Links on Authority Sites.
    Share your expertise by contributing to online communities and discussions. Stay consistent with your identity and give out links that your audience will value and are not over-promotional. Create content and publish them on influential sites including Examiner, Mashable, and Bukisa. These steps will work to boost your link profile, rankings, and traffic.

    7. Use Web 2.0 Pages.
    Utilize Web 2.0 sites to promote your webpage by using their internal tools. Locate phrases to use in the page’s URL and optimize content by adding tags and using prominent but naturally placed keywords throughout. Create a visual appeal to your audience by including modules such as images, videos, and slide shows.

    8. Use Wiki Links.
    Create a wiki that will improve your site’s search engine rankings and visibility. Target your audience to your specific industry and make sure that your wiki provides value to prevent your content from being removed. Also, respect the community guidelines to avoid banishment from the website.

    9. Publish an eBook.
    Writing a high quality eBook that contains links to your website, rich keywords, and embedded links can help you achieve a higher page rank that will help you gain trust and authority. Market them well and watch as you start to generate more traffic within you site.

    10. Create News Links and Press Releases.
    News links and press releases can be used as a powerful inbound marketing tool that brings traffic and exposure. Utilize them to build backlinks and take the opportunity to place your company logo or any other relevant image in the press release to spread your brand recognition.

    11. Use Trackbacks.
    Trackbacks can score you links and raise your rank among the search engines. Permanent links can be obtained through bloggers, with use of trackbacks. These will link to other bloggers as you write your posts while maintaining relevance.

    Altogether, following these 11 methods will help you achieve your goal of SEO success. Expect an increase in your rank page and a boost in traffic afterwards as you take these steps head-on, while continuing to use them as your business grows along the way.

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