Google Panda Algorithm and Penalty Explained: History, Updates and Recovery Tips
A detailed explanation of the Google Panda Algorithm.

Google Panda Algorithm and Penalty Explained: History, Updates and Recovery Tips

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Google Panda Update up Close

Google Panda was created to weed out sites containing weak content and reward those offering quality content. So far, Google has created 14 Panda updates to help refine the results of its search engine. At the moment, Google has currently indexed over 46 billion pages with more than 80% of penalized websites still recovering from the update.

Ten Ways to Get in Google’s Good Graces
1. Create Unique and High Quality Content.
2. Dispose of Any Low Quality Pages You May Have.
3. Avoid Placing Duplicate Content or Scraped Pages onto Your Site.
4. Show Your Expertise in Your Field and Become an Authority.
5. Promote Your Content Using Social Media as a Medium.
6. Improve Your Bounce Rate by Making Sure Your Site Shows up on the Results Page for the Right Reasons.
7. Create an Awesome User Experience by Improving Your Website’s Navigation, Visuals, and Loading Speed.
8. Create Pages with a Natural Language and Don’t Flood Your Site with Keywords.
9. Vary Your Anchor Text by Using 5-10 Different Keywords and Alternating between Them.
10. Get Rid of Any Low Quality Backlinks You May Have and Focus Your Attention on the High Quality Ones.

88 Million Searches are conducted every month on Google with Google Analytics used on 57% of the top 10,000 websites.

Ever since Google Panda’s release in February 2011, many businesses and organizations have become focused on creating high quality websites. The major benefits of Panda included weeding out sites containing thin content, content farms, and high ad-to-content ratios sites. Google Panda has also extended its reach by screening all international languages, excluding Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. These improvements are focused on increasing the quality and relevancy of search engine results and cleaning out the system of undesirable sites.

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