Google Rich Snippets SEO: Testing Tools, Breadcrumbs and Markup Examples
A definition of Google rich snippets and the components used to improve your SEO.

Google Rich Snippets SEO: Testing Tools, Breadcrumbs and Markup Examples

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Increase Your Search Click-Thru Rates with Rich Snippets

What is a Rich Snippet?
A rich snippet is composed of code lines that are placed on your website to aid search engines, like Google, have a better understanding of your content. It is a great tool to enhance your page rank if you provide the relevant information that gives visitors more knowledge of your website’s content. Through rich snippets you can display reviews and multimedia to further enhance your search results.

The Semantic Web
The Semantic Web is collaboration by the W3 Consortium, which works to promote common data formats on the World Wide Web. As semantic content becomes more encouraged, the Semantic Web pushes to convert unstructured documents into a “web of data."

What to Display with Rich Snippets
  • Breadcrumbs – Shows a trail of links to display your site hierarchy to the user.
  • Events – Displays future dates of gigs or festivals.
  • Music – Lets users listen to tracks from search results.
  • People – Can place a photo and contact information.
  • Products – Provides information on ratings, price, and stock.
  • Recipes – Can place an image, show ratings, and reveal prep time.
  • Review Ratings – Include a 5 point scale with a simple mark up.
  • Reviews – Shows individual and overall reviews and ratings.
  • Apps – Can include ratings, user numbers, and price.
  • Video – Places a still from your video.

  • Properly implementing rich snippets will lead to a 20-30% increase in your click-through rates. They will distinguish you amongst your competitors by drawing more attention visually than standard search results and help your visitors become more informed with your company does and offers.

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