How to Do Keyword Research: Tips, Techniques and Strategy
An outline of five steps with performing keyword research.

How to Do Keyword Research: Tips, Techniques and Strategy

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5 Steps to Keyword Research

Knowing how to do your keyword research can be vital to your chances of SEO success. Having the knowledge of what to look for and what tools you can use will assist you with being competitive in your industry through these five easy steps.

1. Identify Your Landing Pages.
Landing pages are usually your home page or any other specific internal page.

2. Start off with Rough Keyword Research.
Imagine how your customer would find you on a search engine. Use this visualization to create a list of keywords for every page and page type, considering this as your first list.

3. Check Keyword Popularity using the Google Keyword Tool.
Place list number one into the Google Keyword Tool to research their average number of searches for every keyword. Find out which words are low in volume and remove them from the list. Add keywords suggested by the Google Keyword Tool to create your second list.

4. Analyze Your Competitors.
Locate the sites of your strongest competitors using the best keywords from your second list. Also, find 3-5 other strong competitors using the SEOQuake Firefox extension. Evaluate your competition for specific keywords using SemRush.com and remove the most competitive ones. Find good keywords that you haven’t used yet and add them to your new third list.

5. Finalize the List.
Place list number three into the Google Keyword Tool to get rid of any keywords that have low search volume and high competition in order to come up with your final list.

By effectively following these five steps, you can learn how to build your SEO status by placing carefully chosen keywords on your website. With tools, such as Google Keyword Tool, SEOQuake, and SemRush.com, you can look at your competition and figure out what combination of keywords will work best for your website. Doing the right keyword research will position you better within search results and increase your competitiveness.

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