How to Increase Google Website Traffic
A list of the top 30 ways to increase Google website traffic in a nice infographic broken up into off page and on page Google SEO.

How to Increase Google Website Traffic

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Keywords in your meta tags

Limit your tag to 10 - 12 words.  It used to be a very large capacity thing but thanks to spammers, most search engines will view any more than 12 with suspicion.  Separate your words with a comma, and not just a white space.  Make sure your keywords in your meta tags are definitely in your page content or you will be penalized.

Description meta tag

Put your description tag immediately below your title tag and then put in a good, highly readable and concise description.  Pop in a few keywords, but the key is clarity, because it is sometimes used as the search engine description that your viewers see on their search results.


This is a hotbed topic that I recommend you research in more depth, but suffice to say, that if you are using the <IMG>  tag to insert your pictures, then use the ALT= attribute to insert text and pop a few keywords into your Alt description.  Do not embed text into your images because search engines cannot index them.  So unless you want it to stay a secret, then don’t do it.

Flash images

Get rid of them.  This article is too short to go into why, just do it and you will be better off.

Internal links

Also known as on-page links, these are important to both help the user navigate the page and to help the Google search bots to index the page correctly.  There should always be at least two internal links on your web pages.

Keyword your links

It’s the year 2012, so people know what a link looks like.  For that reason you do not need to write “click here” or “click me”.  You should make your links a keyword-relevant bit of text.  This helps search bots figure out what the page that the link is pointing to is about.  So if you are linking to your flower sales page, then call the link “Flowers and Plants”.

Keywords in text

Put the Keywords in your text as italics, in bold, or starting with a capital letter like the word “Keyword” in this sentence.  Put them in bullet point lists, preferably at the beginning.  Here is a good example for the word “kitten”.

Why my Kitten blanket is such a great deal.

Ÿ  Kitten blankets help keep all my pets warm

Ÿ  My Kitten loves his blanket

Ÿ  Kittens are more relaxed when they are warm and comfortable


Ÿ  Don’t use frames. 

Ÿ  If you turn off your scripting and Java and your navigation disappears then you have a problem.

Ÿ  Don’t copy paste material from Microsoft word onto your browser.

·         Don’t use black hat SEO, it’s not worth the penalties.

And DO

·         Reduce webpage clutter. Remember white space ratios.

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