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Our PPC marketing blog covers everything about pay-per-click and Google Adwords.

What is Retargeting
The concept of remarketing has become more popular with the wider acceptance of cookies and tracking visitors once they leave your site. There are several strategies for using remarketing to your advantage.

Lawyer Search Engine Marketing and PPC Statistics
Google has made a lot of revenue from Cost per Click ads.

PPC Tips: Paid Search Copy and Targeting Keywords per Campaign
It might seem like PPC costs a fortune, but in reality, if you plan out your budget and target your audience and keywords, it will bring you more money than you put in.

How to Improve Google Adwords Quality Score
Your Google Quality score is a calculated estimation of the relevancy of your landing page, keywords, and ads, to your content audience.

PPC Optimization: Negative Keywords, Ad Copy, and GEO Targeting
Pay per click ads are a method of internet advertising used to bring traffic to websites.

Online Advertising Expenditure Report and Forecast
Is your advertising budget unlimited?

7 Google Adwords Mistakes to Avoid
A look at the ways to improve your adwords campaign by avoiding these seven common mistakes.

A Breakdown of Google Adwords Revenue and List of Top Advertisers
You may start to wonder how a clean, uncluttered page such as Google brings them the wealth they have accumulated since their initial launch.

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