SEO Copywriting Guide: Tips and Guidelines
A 13 step guide with tips for SEO copywriting.

SEO Copywriting Guide: Tips and Guidelines

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13 Steps to SEO Copywriting

1. Find Your Target Audience.
Know your readers and what they value and focus on their needs.

2. Profitable Keyword Research.
Use tools like Google keyword, SEMrush.com, seobook tool, and wordtracker.

3. Keyword Variation and Longtail Terms.
Find synonyms, related terms, and long tail keywords to bring in traffic.

4. Keyword Based Headline with a Catch.
Decide on your list of keywords after using your tools.

5. First and Last 50 Words Are Hot.
Place your high priority keywords in these spots to get the best results out of them.

6. KISS and Engage with Your Audience.
Keep It Simple and Short. Stay relevant, and maintain flow and interest with examples, facts, and figures.

7. Don’t Fool Around with Search Engines.
There are algorithms specifically made to find duplicates, spam, and rehearsed content. Write primarily for your audience and then for search engines.

8. Avoid Complicated Sentences.
Simple English is the easiest to read and is expected.

9. 1% Keyword Density.
Don’t spam with keywords.

10. Humor is Essential.
Tie in humor in order to break the monotony. It will create engagement from the reader and give you an extra chance to add more keywords.

11. Use Bullet Points.
They make skimming easier and are a great way to add in keywords.

12. Create a Personal Touch and Finish with Flair.
Be conversational and sign off in style with high priority keywords.

13. Proof Read with a Coffee.
Read your article draft and fix any errors and typos. Take out or add in keywords in order to keep the article’s flow.

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