Simple SEO Strategy Template
This simple SEO strategy template will help you get and keep top rankings in Google.

SEO Strategy Template

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All major search engines today use a ranking algorithm, which consists essentially of two parts:

Ÿ  First by analyzing site content (text analysis, on-page factors).

Ÿ  Second Analysis of linkage (graph analysis, off-page factors).

In the past, until the time when Google began to dominate the search market, on-page ranking factors were crucial for the search engines.  Google was the first search engine, where links to a page, made a more extensive collation of results.  All search engines today use a combination of both methods.

Off-page factors

It is no longer possible to get into a modern search engine like Google or Yahoo for a competitive term on the first results page, without a really good link to the page.  A "good link" means two things:

1.      Clickable link text that links to your page using a keyword or key term that your site uses.

2.      The relevancy coupled with the popularity of the website linking to you is important.  If your webpage talks about shoes, then a link from a popular shoe fair/festival website will be classified as a “good” link.

On-page factors

The contents of a web page, including all the author influenced aspects such as the URL, still provide the foundation of the search process.  However, the information from the Off-page factors usually have a greater influence on the sorting of web results.  Within the on-page factors are the contents of the title tag.  This is the most important role.  Words that appear in the title of a page will be rated highly by all the search engines.  In addition, the contents of the HTML headers like h1 or h2 are also as important as other factors such as meta tags, alt attributes, etc.

Link text

When you create a link that either goes from another site to yours, or from your site’s page to another site’s page, then you must write in the keywords relevant to that page.  Don’t just have “click here”.  The link text is important for getting your page indexed and for ranking it higher.  Below is an image of a simple but effective example of linking from one of your pages, to another, using keywords.  In the example you can see the links to the category pages on the top of the website.  These links should be available on all of your web pages.  These help people navigate as well as give a “weak” but still useful ranking link to your other pages.  Those are there primarily to make the website easier to use.  The sitemap links are all full of the keywords relevant to the pages they are pointing to. 

The best example is the third one down.  It points to articles about “Reviews”, “DVDs” and “Games”.  It is short but comfortably fits all three keywords into the link.  Describing the pages first and then having “click here” underneath would not help a search engine index the links or rank the pages it point to.


The number of links from external sites into a single page of the considered site, which is relevant to included words, is a factor.  This value is simply a measure of the quality of this page (from a program’s viewpoint, it may still be crappy content).  Not only the number of incoming links is considered, but also their quality, and it is therefore a recursive calculation.

Google calls this value PageRank and make it publicly visible on the Google Toolbar.  The maximum PageRank is ten and a few pages such as www.google.com or www.apple.com have achieved this.

Now, the higher a search engine assesses the quality of a site due to its links is more valuable than the rated side-to-find content.  In other words, the higher the PageRank of a page, the more trust Google shows its on-page factors. 

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