SEO vs. PPC: Which Converts Better
A look at SEO and PPC ability to convert for lead generation.

SEO vs. PPC: Which Converts Better

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A recent survey of digital marketers showed the results of the number one source for lead generation. SEO won over PPC and SMM. Here is a glimpse as to why.

  • 82.6% of internet users are using search engines.
  • 52% of small businesses are increasing their SEO budget.
  • 57% of B2B marketers credit SEO as their primary source for generating leads.
  • 41% of B2C marketers credit SEO as their primary source for generating leads.

  • What are the comparative advantages of SEO over PPC?
  • Studies have shown that almost 80% of traffic comes from search engines.
  • Only 20% of traffic comes from paid search clicks.
  • SEO effects can last for the life of the website content.
  • Only PPC’s effect lasts until the ceasing of paid keywords and ads.
  • People’s eyes go to organic search results with the top three results being seen by 100% of viewers.
  • With PPC, only 50% of the people looking see the top paid.
  • 86% of web searchers trust SEO listings more than sponsored ads, leaving the trust in PPC listings very low.

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