Types of Link Building Tactics, Methods, and Strategy
A listing of seven ways you can negatively impact your link building.

Types of Link Building Tactics, Methods, and Strategy

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Top 7 Link Building Abuse Methods

Linkbuilding is important if you want to build SEO, but doing so in the wrong way can actually hurt your website’s ranking. Here are a list of 7 deadly link building sins to watch out for:

1. Building Links Too Quickly
Acquiring links at an unnatural rate will cause you to quickly become detected by Google, causing you to lose your rank. This shouldn’t be a common practice for you, unless you are conducting multiple marketing campaigns at once or have become viral. If you continue to use this method, you will receive a message from Webmaster Tools notifying you of your rank loss.

2. Keyword Stuffing
It used to be that the more keywords you placed into your content, the better your rankings would be. Due to complaints made by online surfers, however, Google released its Penguin update in 2012 to lower the rankings of keyword stuffing websites, and allow natural content rise on search pages.

3. Buying Links
Acquiring backlinks through making a purchase will cause your website to have an excessive amount. If you commit this error, take note that the content on the sites you have linked to will probably be unrelated to your industry and cause your links to become devalued. This effect will result in having no SEO gain from paid directory sites.

4. Ignoring Warnings
If you receive warnings in Webmaster Tools about how your link building methods will result in your loss of ranking, it will be beneficial for you to not ignore them. Instead, find out why your website has been chosen to have its rank lowered and research for new methods of SEO that you can use.

5. Link Building Revenge
It might be tempting to run a negative SEO campaign against your biggest competitors, but take note that everything you do on the internet leaves a footprint. If someone finds out that you are behind the whole scheme you and your brand’s reputation can be ruined, causing your business to be hurt in the end.

6. Only Targeting the Links of Your Competitors
After finding the backlinks of your competitors and acquiring them, make sure to find new methods to reach out to the online audience to put yourself ahead of the game. Not finding unique sources for backlinks will prevent your company website from moving forward.

7. Too Many Internal Links
Having internal links on your website is a good idea, but consider having some outbound ones as well. This link sharing will promote others to share as well, causing a community to be formed. Create a link building strategy that will help others help you in order to get the most out of your links.

Prevent yourself from using these seven methods of unnatural link building and you will not have to worry about Google Penguin or Panda catching up to you and destroying your ranking. Instead of cheating your way up, discover better methods to build high quality natural links over time and you will find that your progress will grow a lot better.

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