Linkbuilding 101: Whitehat Linkbuilding Tactics with Examples
An explanation of ways to naturally create back links for your site.

Linkbuilding 101: Whitehat Linkbuilding Tactics with Examples

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Link Building Anatomy 2012: Attract Backlinks Naturally

Building Backlinks to your website is an important step you must take in order to grow your business online. Backlinks can add credibility to your site and bring in more traffic, ultimately resulting in higher revenue. Here are some categories and examples of link building strategies:

Create content that is interesting, informative, and attractive. To get the most out of your efforts, produce content that is worth linking to and encourage guest bloggers to post onto your site to increase not only article numbers, but backlink potential as well. Types of content that can increase the amount of natural links you have are presentations, documents, and PDFs.

Film videos and post them onto your site. Make sure they are unique and insightful in order to encourage backlinks. How-to guides are popular items for sharing and linking, but interviews with industry leaders can bring good referrals as well. In addition consider giving webinar presentations as those can introduce your business to more people and bring quality backlinks.

Utilize images and infographics that are useful, attractive, and relevant to build up your links. Come up with a design and then execute your ideas.

Additional Strategies

Local Business Promotion
Promote your business locally in order to bring more links and authority to your page. Some methods to use are yellow pages, Google Places, Yahoo local, Bing Local, and local business listings.

Relationship Building
Find people in your niche and build relationships with them as you engage on forums, comment on blogs, give follow up reviews, and answer questions. This will build up your authority links and bring you added traffic.

Content Sharing
Share content, articles, blog posts, and selectively chosen material from others to create backlink opportunities. In addition, create press releases, user reviews, and take advantage of blogging opportunities as well.

Sign up for social media accounts and profiles. Having a social presence will influence your site authority and create linking opportunities.

Opportunity Analysis
Analyze the backlinks, niche directories, deadlinks, and other opportunities of your competitors to find more backlink opportunities for yourself.

Product Listings
E-commerce websites suggest product listing feeds from their shopping cart to raise recommendations and sales. In addition, Schema will work to increase referrals for your product searches. Some methods to use are classifieds, product feeds, and shopping search engine listings.

Creating content to build up your audience is time consuming and difficult, but it is well worth the wait. Building upon your website with new material, images, and backlinks will grow the amount of awareness people have about your business and result in great marketing result that will convert into higher sales and revenue.

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