Best Linkbuilding Strategies for Websites and SEO
This is a list of the best linkbuilding strategies for websites and seo. The tutorial video goes over some creative ways to get links using email.

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When link building, you are aiming to get quality links created to point to your website, and thus the reputation of your site on search engines increases and internet surfers are more likely to see you, if they type in certain keywords into a search engine (like eating a frozen burger, that was a mouthful).

The aim is to increase traffic to your website and to influence your position in the ranking of search engines in a positive way.  It depends not only on quantity of so-called backlinks, but also on the diversity and quality.

Why is Link Building doing houses no?

Enough foreign accents, the point of link building is to maintain your position in the top results of search engines.  They produce quality traffic to your website.  Powerful quality links are the main factors with which to concentrate your link building strategy. 

Feel the power!!!

What is powerful you ask!!!  It is the power the flammable flag manufacturing companies have to make the Americans invade third world countries.  In terms of link building, it is gaining links from high traffic domains.  For example a link from a new news story on the BBC website is a powerful link.  A link from the website you just set up today is not.

Times are changing

(Unless your pause button sticks.)  With regards to your specific market segment, you should develop a link building strategy which is relevant to your industry and the websites frequented by your target customers.  For example if you are selling fluffy shoes, then try to get a link from a “make up” website or a “gay bar” website and not from “Iron Metal Workers Weekly”….although I wonder?

I will scratch your back if you link to me

I used to use that line in college.  Try to get links from companies and websites based on your consistent themes and thus you will create the opportunity to reach your target audience directly, as well as increasing your search engine rank (Google Rank).  Get links from the websites that are relevant to your target audience but that are not in direct competition with you.  If you are selling condoms then get links from the Lynx website and Vodka or STD awareness websites, and not from Durex (I doubt they would link to you anyway, either way, similar to their micro-condoms, it would be one heck of a stretch).

Develop an action plan for your Link-baiting

You can create content that will make people link to you.  I personally have linked to the stuff published by the periodical “zero punctuation” because he’s funny.  I’ve linked to psychic debunking websites because I wanted people to read it.  This is all (technically) link baiting.  I was compelled to link to it with no tangible benefit to me.

Don’t Use Drugs

OR Link farms.  If a company offers you X-amount of links for a certain price then just don’t do it.  There are INNUMERATE reasons I could go into, including things such as getting your website put into the Google sandbox, but suffice it to say that the positive effect is ALWAYS temporary.  Unless you are dumb enough to invest hundreds into possibly going up in rank a bit, then I promise you that I can do the same for a kiss and a cuddle, I will just need your credit card number first.

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