How to Find Long Tailed Keywords for SEO
A great tutorial on covering the best strategies for finding long tailed keywords for SEO.

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The keyword analysis stage is the pivotal point of a successful search engine optimization operation.  There are a lot of ways to do it, and each method may have varying degrees of success.  The fact is that even if you are highly experienced with key wording, you can still miss the mark.  When placing keywords in a website, this may simply result in a lower Google rank.  If you miss the mark when key-wording for Pay Per Click (PPC), then the results can be expensive.

The aim of a thorough keyword analysis is to find the correct keyword words, phrases, expressions and long tail keywords, for the people whom you deem to be your potential customers/supporters. Your hope is that by appealing to these people, you will be ranked highly when they search for products/services that you provide.

The keyword analysis is a solid version of the following optimization condition - the basis for more traffic through organic search results. 

Knowing and understanding what SEO keywords are important for your own website, sounds at first quite simple, but is more complex than you may think.  A keyword analysis usually begins with a brainstorming session.  The aim is to create answers to questions like "Who am I?", "What do I offer?" And "Who are my customers?"  This will usually result in your first keyword list.

The next stage requires different tools with which to analyze the search behavior of users in your topic area, so that your keyword matrix may be supplemented by typical search words.  At the end of the keyword analysis is a pool of words and phrases that are generated by the traffic relevant for your website.

Your keywords should then be periodically tested and the results documented in an ongoing history.  So now you have your list of keywords that you are using regularly and are monitoring.  This is where you can find some juicy long tailed keywords.  You must now create new keywords from the smaller keywords that are getting traffic.  Create quite a few and integrate them into your website.  You should then monitor them to see which are pulling traffic towards your site.  Not many of them will, but a few might, and those are your long tailed keywords.  There is nothing stopping you from experimenting with this over a long period of time by creating new long tailed keywords from smaller keywords and keyword phrases.

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