On Page SEO Factors: On Page Optimization Checklist
On page SEO factors are the first step when optimizing a website for Google. This checklist will make sure you focus on the areas that make a difference in the rankings.

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On-page optimization refers to actions you take to increase your Google rank, or search engine page ranking within your own website.  This is the stuff that you have a direct control over.  It relates to how you tart up your website so that the search engines give it eyes.

The stiff translation is “they are actions that are thus directly related to the text of a page that has influence via formulation of the authors”.  The important part of ORGANIC search engine optimization is the technical content of your website.  I’m not saying that if you have stellar content that you will be ranked higher on a search engine, because if that was the case they nobody would ever need look further than the top result.  All I am saying is that if you are going to put lipstick on a pig, then don’t expect many people to kiss it.

This is especially true for the front page (homepage) of a site.  It is read by the search engines first because IT IS SHORTER.  Oh yes, search engines are lazy.  Most (if not all websites) have their home page as their domain name. It may cherry pick the pages it indexes first, but (kind of obvious bit coming) if it is going to index another page of the website, then it kind-of-has-to index the homepage beforehand, because the homepage (domain name) is already in there.  As you can see from the example above, it shows the domain name first, with the site map page added on with a “ / ”.

This does not mean that your home page has to be your landing page.  I’m just saying that it will be indexed first, so organic searchers may see it first.

To tell the search engines the meaning of a word, HTML commands are used.  These include:

  • The URL: If the main keyword is part of the internet address, then this is helpful, but not of massive importance.  If someone is searching for puppy slippers then http://www.Burties-Puppy.co.uk may get a search engine sniff.
  • The title tag in the head: the browser page title should therefore also contain one or two of the most important keywords.
  • The <h1> to <h6> headings:  They lend themselves to great way to record keywords, which has the largest <h1> semantics.  It is debatable whether the headings and <h5> <h6> ever convey any meaning.  Certainly, however, that the hierarchy should be adhered to the headings in an HTML document.
  • The alt tag for images <img .... alt = "Image Descriptive text with keyword">: With the use of alternative text for images can be realized, several SEO-related benefits.  Firstly it may house a keyword and secondly, it serves not to be sneezed at as an SEO Factor.
  • The title tag for images <img ..... title = "An attractive text with keyword" />: text that is displayed briefly each time, when the user moves the mouse over the image. SEO factor usability (ease of use) and may hold a tucked away keyword.
  • The title tag for links <a href="produkte.html" title="Text with the Keyword, succinctly describes the contents of page "/> - is considered to be very user friendly and contains another keyword message.
  • The HTML command <strong>:  Its relevancy is still up for debate, but even if it only has a small effect, it’s better than nothing at (least that‘s what I tell my sister’s friends when they dump me on the 3rd date).
  • The HTML command <em>:  Defines the stress (emphasis) on a word.  Again it may not have a factor (at all) but it can’t hurt to whack it in for the sake of other search engines.
  • Keep yours error free and well structured, so that it is easy to read and understand.  Writing for the search engines will damage your long-term SEO efforts.
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