Sales Infographic: Best Times and Days to Make Sales Calls
This shows the best times to make sales calls, best days to make sales calls, and how many calls to make before abandoning a sales prospect.

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Sales Statistics Infographic
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The big takeaways to apply to your sales team are:

1) Identify the list of phone numbers that the sales team has had trouble reaching the decision maker. Then get the sales team to make phone calls to these numbers in the early morning and early evening.

2) Schedule your appointments on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. Make the bulk of the initial phone calls to prospects on Wednesday and Thursday.

3) Incorporate a system to deliver web leads to your sales team immediately after they are submitted.

4) Create a sales system that requires each lead or prospect to be called at least six times on six separate days.

A few facts that we learned from this sales infographic:

The average company makes 1.5 call attempts
If your company falls into this category, then fire your sales manager. The average needs to be at least over six. Make sure the calls are staggered in the morning, afternoon, and evening as each successive call is made to the same prospect. This will further increase your chances of making contact.

The average company takes 44 hours to respond to a lead.
The key to lead response is all about the system. You want your leads to go straight to the sales team. Your internet leads can go straight to their cell phones via SMS message. This will allow the salesperson to call them back immediately. Most prospects will fill out lead captures on multiple sites. It is important to be the first company that contacts them.

At the end of the day, most companies live and dies by their sales process. The data from this sales infographic shows the key elements that every sales team needs to execute on.

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