US and Worldwide Industry Statistics for Each Major Industry
See US and worldwide statistics for every major industry broken down within easy to read infographics.

Gaming Industry Statistics
This infographic analysis breaks down the yearly sales over a ten year period and the percentage of market share for each major genre.

Video Game Industry Statistics
An infographic discussing video game industry statistics with market share, gender breakdown, parental influence in industry, and console choices.

Film Industry Statistics
A detailed infographic breaking down the film industry and its changing trends, growth, and costs.

Tourism Industry Statistics
This infographic reports on international tourism with top destinations for arrivals, purpose of visits breakdowns, chosen modes of transportation, and growth.

Beer Industry Trends
A detailed infographic reporting the beer industry statistics from 2011 in marketing share, revenue, growth, sales, and production.

Beauty Industry Analysis
A detailed infographic analyzing the beauty industry, market share for major brands, and impact through social media trends.

Music Industry Analysis
An infographic looking at the music industry, growth, revenues, and impact from digital sale market.

Mobile Industry Trends
This infographic goes over the trends, size, and market share of the mobile industry through considering its revenue growth, sales, and value.

Book Industry Trends
An infographic on the book industry, covering the size, outlook, market share, sales, value, and revenue growth of the industry.

Travel Industry Analysis
This infographic provides a travel industry analysis on sales, revenue growth, value, and social media influence within the market.

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