Best Viral Marketing Examples
Here is a list of 37 viral marketing methods and the best viral marketing examples with the most success.

Best Viral Marketing Examples

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Viral marketing is a way of passing around a marketing message in an automatically independent manner. A little like starting a fire which you no longer have to throw wood onto, to maintain. The Internet, is as no other medium ever used before, as a way to spread a brand name and offers, in a speed that is reminiscent of the spread of a virus within a PC, hence the name. The art of successful viral marketing is to create a marketing message that is automated, and then set it to be self-perpetuating in its dissemination.

The marketing industry is known for their ingenuity when it comes to catchy names for new marketing concepts. Especially in the 80s when we constantly heard new (allegedly revolutionary) concepts such as "turbo-marketing" and “re-engineering”, etc. Many of these meaningless terms were used to cover up a lack of new ideas or warmed-known-ideas, and are now forgotten.  Even with the advent of a commercialized Internet, some terms such as "global marketing" or "cyber-marketing" etc. are used to describe a special variety of Internet marketing. Some are taken to heart, whereas others discarded, as are empty phrases. Viral online marketing is beginning to show a little staying power.

Use a free medium.  This can be social media, email, message boards, and web pages.  Use anything, as long as it is free.  Preferably, you are looking for a free medium so that if others wish to pass on the information that they will not have to spend money to do so.  On a similar note to that, you should make it as easy as possible for other people to pass on your market message.  That is the reason for the popularity of the “share” widget/button.

On each page, you can use a reference like "You are welcome to use this content on your site as long as you quote our address (URL)". Many website owners are happy to "spice up" their own pages with meaningful content or products. This approach will bring more traffic to your site and increases the relevancy of your page for search engines. This is because many search engines now consider the number of external links in their page-ranking.

For a reasonable amount of success then, you are better off starting with the basics, namely a good product.  Selling a quality product is easier than pushing tat. Poor quality will show through the reactions of people online, and before you know it, people are passing bad word of mouth along, instead of good word of mouth.

Set up a newsletter so that anyone interested in your company/product/service can register on your site. Each outgoing edition advertises you and your products, provided that you add interesting content. It is free, and people sign up for it so that your messages are less likely to go in their junk folder.  That means that if you do ever stumble across a good viral marketing strategy, you will already have a field of dry hay in which to toss your match.

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