Marketing Blog: General Marketing Articles
A list of expert articles on marketing topics from event marketing to signage.

Online Guerrilla Marketing Ideas, Examples and Tactics
The Guerrilla Marketing term was coined by Jay Conrad Levinson, an American consultant, who helped smaller companies out of trouble with innovative advertising campaigns.

Best Viral Marketing Examples
Viral marketing is a way of passing around a marketing message in an automatically independent manner.

Mobile Marketing Strategy
Have you ever seen a funny promotional video by e-mail?

Best Time to Post of Craigslist
The best times to post on Craigslist.

Best Time to List on eBay
The best times to post on eBay.

Word of Mouth Marketing Statistics
Word of mouth marketing statistics are pretty much immeasurable.

Marketing To Women
All human experience and research shows, that women feel, think, communicate, decide and buy differently to men.

Internet Marketing Success Stories and Formulas
Internet marketing success stories and formulas from using effective marketing methods.

The Definition of Digital Marketing: Why, What, How, and Trends
The definition of digital marketing and using it to market a brand or product.

Definition of Inbound Marketing and Examples of Inbound Marketing
Inbound marketing is based on gaining prospects attention and visibility.

Best Marketing Conferences for 2013: Search, Digital, Online, and Social
Here is a list of the top digital marketing conferences in the United States that involve knowledgeable speakers, informative sessions, and top shelf “networking opportunities."

Distributed Marketing Platform and Management Guide
A Distributed Marketing Platform (DMP) is a technology communications system that allows marketers and sales groups work together more efficiently using different channels.

Brand Colors Meaning: What Your Colors Say About Your Brand
60-80% of a customer’s buying choices are influenced by color, so wrong color decision can cost your company in the long run.

Traditional Inbound Marketing Funnel Model with Steps and Stages
When internet marketing began, someone created a new phrase, “in-bound marketing.”

Importance of Branding: Individual Branding Statements and Emotional Branding
If you are having trouble promoting your brand, start by asking yourself what your brand stands for.

Creating Content Marketing Goals and Objectives
Content marketing’s popularity has risen over the past two years thanks to its widespread buzz.

How to Improve Your Real Estate Company Reviews
For a real estate agent, having a great online reputation is extremely important.

Most Successful Online Marketing Campaigns and Examples
Online marketing is a whole different world compared to in-person marketing.

The Marketing Life Cycle Diagram with Examples
Coming up with marketing strategies for small businesses can be difficult.

Creative Iphone Marketing: Getting Found in a Siri Search
Now that iPhones are becoming more and more popular, it is proving to be more and more beneficial for businesses to invest their time in improving their Siri results.

Right Brain Marketing vs. Left Brain Marketing
It is a long standing theory in psychology that the left and right sides of the brain work separately to contribute to an individual’s personality.

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