The Best Strong Call to Action Statements and Call to Action Buttons
A look at the elements of your website that impact your call to action statement.

The Best Strong Call to Action Statements and Call to Action Buttons

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How to Bring More Responses from Your Website Visitors

Your web page has factors that can make it or break it when it comes to eliciting visitor responses and improvement of these elements can improve sales and traffic. Take the time to understand your audience by researching, analyzing, and putting yourself in their position before completing a web page design.

Create a Convincing Call-to-Action Web Page

Show Your Contact Information.
Placing a toll free number on your site will increase conversion rate. It gives you more credibility because potential clients can listen to your voice.

Remove Uncertainty from Your Visitors.
Place a Money Back Guarantee symbol on your site and state your return policy clearly to build trust. Doing so will reduce the time it takes to bring in conversions and result in more potential sales.

Organize Your Information.
Using bullets instead of paragraphs makes your descriptions easy to read. They are also a great idea to attract busy people who just want to skim the page, causing more conversions.

Offer Good Content.
A website viewer decides to leave within 5 seconds if they don’t like what they see. The best strategy to retain your audience is to be clear, precise, and give users what they need.

Give Your Users a Reason to Stay.
Encourage visitors to come to your site with attention-grabbing headlines. In addition, explain what will be lost if your services are not used by them to give them an incentive to stay.

Remove Distractions from Your Page.
Design your webpage to be balanced and easy to maneuver. Your website should have relevant elements placed next to each other and have a consistent flow that makes sense.

Target Your Audience.
The visitors of your website want to know how your product benefits them. Because of this, it is important to target your audience to increase your sales. Many companies make the mistake of being too afraid to target their niche market, resulting in lost opportunities.

Reduce Your Loading Speed.
Placing memory draining items on your website will cause your page to slow down its loading speed. A slow page can cause you to lose 70% of traffic and drop 7% of your conversions, making it vital to monitor your loading speed often.

Other Ways to Raise Conversions

  • Using Real People in Photos – 90%
  • Focusing on One Product – 30%
  • Using a Video to Display the Benefits - 70%

  • Test and Experiment

    Here are the aspects of your web pages require the most testing:

  • 70% Call to Action Buttons
  • 62% Page Content
  • 68% Page Layout
  • 65% Page Navigation
  • 48% Checkout Process

  • Valuable Items to Include on Your Webpage

    Form above Fold
    This is where visitors spend 80% of their time, making it a strategic position for call to action and lead forms.

    Free Stuff
    Offer free trials and e-books to bring conversion rates up by approximately 25%.

    Contrasting Call to Action
    Contrasting colors, big fonts, and clear text will increase conversions by 10%.

    Give a Reason
    Let potential customers know why they need your product what they will miss if they pass up your offer.

    Social Media Proof
    Direct your visitors to your social media pages. Customers that enjoy your products and services will be happy to join or check out your networks.

    Thank You Page
    This is an important marketing tool to retain loyalty that appears once a potential customer is captured.

    Optimizing your website to bring in more responses from your visitors involves a lot of experimentation and time but will work to ultimately help you bring in more business. Use the tips above to make sure you get the most from your website and raise your sales.

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