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This web design blog goes over topics like above the fold optimization, choosing the right colors for your business, and the top design elements used by Fortune 500 companies.

Examples of Good and Great Landing Pages
The landing page is the factor that determines whether a visitor turns into a customer.

Website Redesign Process
A heuristic evaluation of an existing website can analyze the different elements that make up the site and assign importance to each of its build aspects.

The 18 Best Real Estate Website Marketing Ideas
Attracting new and repeat visitors starts with your homepage.

Mobile Website Design Tips and Examples
A responsive website design is a new approach that responds to new user behavior and requirements based on screen size, platform, and orientation.

Average Web Page Load Times By Industry
A breakdown of recent website standards and statistics.

Adaptive Design Layout Explained: Examples, HTML, and Jquery Plugins
Perhaps you hadn't noticed, but the internet is changing fast.

10 Best Monospaced Readable Fonts for Blogs and Websites
There are thousands of fonts available; hundreds of them are used by web designers.

Factors Affecting Web Site Accessibility and Design
The population of Americans that are disabled, 57 million, is more than the population of New York and California combined.

Computer Screen Resolution Statistics and Monitor Display Stats
Here are the statistics of the most operated browsers, screen resolutions, and devices by UK web designers.

List of the Best Free and Paid E-commerce Software Platforms
The e-commerce industry has done knowing but grow and grow and grow some more for years.

IT Downtime Costs and IT Downtime Reduction
A lot of what we do from work to entertainment is based around some type of technology.

The Best Strong Call to Action Statements and Call to Action Buttons
Your web page has factors that can make it or break it when it comes to eliciting visitor responses and improvement of these elements can improve sales and traffic.

Creating Contents for Website and Shareable Content
For any SEO marketing campaign, high quality content is essential.

10 Best Website Badges to Use for Promotion
Product badging is a method that merchandisers use to visually highlight and inform about their products as well.

Online Sign Up Sheet Template and Example
In order to get more members to join your union online, you have to create a convincing webpage that will entice your visitors.

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