Creative Iphone Marketing: Getting Found in a Siri Search
Ways to optimize your business and be found among iPhone users.

Creative Iphone Marketing: Getting Found in a Siri Search

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10 Methods to Raise Your Siri Search Engine Optimization

Now that iPhones are becoming more and more popular, it is proving to be more and more beneficial for businesses to invest their time in improving their Siri results. Siri is a personal assistant application that is mostly used for search, and raising your searchability on Siri can result in more traffic and sales.

1. Get Yelp.
Many businesses have found that purchasing a premium account on Yelp has helped their companies appear on Siri.

2. Have Customer Reviews.
A customer review on Yelp can help raise your searchability on Siri.

3. Use Keywords.
If you can, place a relevant keyword in the name of your company to help your business be found on Siri.

4. Be Specific.
A business that sells pants needs to specify what types of pants they sell in order to have better Siri SEO. It is very unlikely that a potential customer will only search for “pants.” Instead, he/she will have something more specific in mind, like jeans, khakis, or corduroys, and search for that instead.

5. Stay Accurate and Consistent.
Stick to the same message and make sure that your details are identical between directories.

6. Raise Your SEO.
A business that has a high rank in either of the top 3 search engines will have a higher chance of being found by Siri.

7. Count Your Reviews.
The amount of reviews you receive from your customers can directly affect your ranking.

8. Claim Your Business.
Register your business on a business listing website to raise your findability. It is free and some sites will even allow you to upload photos and videos to make your page more personal and professional.

9. Optimize Your Site.
In today’s world, having a business website that is compatible on multiple devices is important. Smartphones now make up a total of 60% of mobiles in the United States and many companies have witnessed a 300% increase in visits to their websites from mobile devices from 2010 to 2011.

10. Have a Call to Action Button.
This is an essential tool to place on your website as it raises your number of conversions. A simple call to action button can raise your monthly average of 20 check-ins to 100, and your monthly average of 30 likes to 150.

Statistics and Facts
  • Yelp reported that in a single fiscal year, it drew in 5.7 million unique visitors after introducing its mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • Yelp reviews have become a primary method of optimization for Siri listings.
  • Yelp has over 25 million restaurant and retail reviews on Siri search results.

  • Optimizing your business to be found on Siri can greatly affect your conversion rate and the level of traffic you receive on your website. Use the above methods to raise your Siri SEO results and your Siri findability will increase over time.

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