Definition of Inbound Marketing and Examples of Inbound Marketing
A listing of the three main components to inbound marketing.

Definition of Inbound Marketing and Examples of Inbound Marketing

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Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound marketing is based on gaining prospects attention and visibility. Creating valued content for your customers will help to draw them in. The basic inbound marketing anatomy consists of five ordered sections:
  • Content Marketing: Owned and earned media
  • CRO: Landing pages
  • Marketing Automation: Lead nurturing
  • CRM: Sales interaction
  • Re-Marketing: Retention

  • Your owned and earned media consists of blog posts, web pages, and press releases. Being involved with social media will help to generate micro conversations through likes and shares. The main focus is on generating traffic, education prospects, and growing your brand.

    Landing pages will help to nurture leads and segment your target audience. Offer e-books, videos, and checklists for content along with webinars, case studies, and samples to generate prospects. Lastly, consultations, estimates, and coupons will generate sales from qualified leads. The end goal is in retention of clients to reduce churn accomplished by your deliverables, meeting and fulfilling expectations, and advancing your content levels.

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