Examples of Good and Great Landing Pages
A full visual breakdown of the ten key elements needed to create perfect examples of good and great landing pages.

Examples of Good and Great Landing Pages

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The landing page is the factor that determines whether a visitor turns into a customer.  It is a large part of the conversion factor. To simply “have” a website is not enough for some companies.

You have to remember, when designing your website, that your visitors will arrive from all sides.  They will not all arrive through your home page.  If you put lots of time into the homepage, but neglect the 20 sub-pages, then you will lose many sales.

Many people will say that you should treat every page on your website like a landing page.  I disagree!  The truth is that people are not that dumb (honestly).  People think that because a person spends less than 10 seconds on a website that they are a lost sale, but they are not.  Conversions from viewer to subscriber, researcher to buyer or user to supplier can take time.

Do not treat every page on your website like a landing page

Online companies fall into the trap of thinking that the sales process begins again with every page, that each page may mean a lost sale.  It is not true.  It has come through web analytics, showing multiple conversions on one page and multiple people leaving on another.  If your website is set up correctly, then the page with lots of people leaving will consist of items that “get rid of” people who would never buy from you anyway.  The page that converts into lots of sales should be where people “have gone to/ gotten to” in order to buy your product.  Some pages of your website should be a shop window, which will mean that they will discourage some buyers.  Other pages should be the sales assistant and other pages should be the cash/sales desk.

Do not assume

Do not assume that your visitors take the time to read all of your text.  That is why your landing page should be the attention grabber.  It should give people the incentive to click onto the rest of your website.  That is all your landing page needs to do.  It is not there to close the sale. 

You can have many landing pages

Assuming that your website is about more than one thing, then why not create a separate and focused web page about each item.  For example if you are selling toys, then you can have a toddlers landing page, a baby landing page, a mother care landing page, etc.  Create each landing page with immediate visible clarity.  People should be able to figure out the landing pages meaning within 5-10 seconds.

Do not try to please everybody

Do not make five sentences in your landing page appeal to Britney Spears fans, and then another five sentences to appeal to Death Metal fans.  Keep it all on one theme and come to terms with the fact that this landing page WILL put some people off.

Aim the style at your target consumer

If you are selling to programmers then do not use too many lay expressions. If you are selling to middle aged dads then do not use overly feminine dialects.

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