Importance of Branding: Individual Branding Statements and Emotional Branding
A look at popular brand characteristics and how to leverage it.

Importance of Branding: Individual Branding Statements and Emotional Branding

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12 Types of Brand Archetypes

If you are having trouble promoting your brand, start by asking yourself what your brand stands for. A brand is like a lead character in its own story, with values and beliefs, and knowing the characteristics of your brand can help you in your marketing efforts. Here are the 12 archetypes of brand characters:

1. The Purist
This character type stands for harmony, peace, optimism, purity simplicity, purity, health, and good simple living. He/She believes in having highly ethical values and doing good deeds.

2. The Pioneer
This character type stands for individuals who create their own path in life and promotes exploration, self-reliance, bravery, and ambition. The pioneer believes in the fostering of discovery and prefers to live life to the fullest.

3. The Source
This character type stands for knowledge and involves people who constantly search for the truth and are experts in their fields. He/She is highly curious and is looked upon for trusted advice and knowledge.

4. The Conqueror
This character type stands for fearlessness, success, determination, and honor, and will work to challenge and inspire peak performance. He/She has no room for self-doubt and works to inspire others with his/her work.

5. The Rebel
This character type appreciates freedom, controversy, rebellion, and defiance. A rebel brand goes against convention and is not afraid to take chances.

6. The Wizard
This character type is characterized by having a strong imagination, with a sense of magic and a high level of curiosity. This kind of brand will work to transform and create miracles.

7. The Straight Shooter
This character type loves it when people “tell it like it is” and promotes function over form and style. They are realistic, authentic, and love honesty and frankness.

8. The Seducer
This character type is not afraid to indulge and desires romance and pleasure. He/She desires connection, and is attractive and sensual.

9. The Entertainer
This character type involves having a humorous and spontaneous nature. He/She will help customers enjoy the experience with fun and laughter, and does not like sad or humorless people.

10. The Protector
This character type will has the characteristics of compassion and hospitality, and will often give advice. He/She will work to provide a peace of mind to others through comfort and protection.

11. The Imagineer
This character type works to inspire creativity from his/her customers. He/She is fueled by artistry and uniqueness, and does not believe in structures, constraints, and limitations.

12. The Emperor
This character type promotes his/herself as a powerful leader and will bring a feeling of superiority to their customer. He/She carries a presence of strength, determination, and confidence.

Realizing that your business can be categorized by character archetypes can open your eyes to see how you can better brand yourself. Find which ones apply to your company and stay consistent with your image to have the maximum amount of recognition.

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