Best Marketing Conferences for 2013: Search, Digital, Online, and Social
A listing of the best marketing conferences for 2013.

Best Marketing Conferences for 2013: Search, Digital, Online, and Social

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Top Digital Marketing Conferences of 2013

Here is a list of the top digital marketing conferences in the United States that involve knowledgeable speakers, informative sessions, and top shelf “networking opportunities."

New Media Expo – Jan. 6-8
Las Vegas, NV
Topics: Content, Social, PPC, New Media
Speakers: Guy Kawasaki, Rand Fishkin, Tyler Winklevoss, Jay Baer, Amy Jo Martin
Ticket: $997

SearchFest – Feb. 22
Portland, OR
Topics: SEO, PPC, Content, Analytics
Speakers: Rand Fishkin, Joanna Lord, Michael King, John Doherty, David Mihm, Merry Morud
Ticket: $599

SES New York – Mar. 25-28
New York, NY
Topics: SEO, PPC, Analytics, Email, Social, Content
Speakers: Thom Craver, Joseph Kerschbaum, Andrew Goodman, Shari Thurow, Jonathan Allen
Ticket: $2,200

Pubcon New Orleans – Apr. 22-25
New Orleans, LA
Topics: SEO, PPC, Social, Content
Speakers: Carolyn Shelby, Ash Buckles, Joanna Lord, Will Scott, Ruth Burr
Ticket: $1,799

Interactivity Digital – May 15-16
South Beach, FL
Topics: SEO, PPC, Content, Analytics, CRO, Email, Social
Speakers: Rand Fishkin, Peter Shankman, Marty Weintraub, Michael King, Alan Bleiweiss
Ticket: $1,695

SMX Seattle – June 11-12
Seattle, WA
Topics: SEO, PPC, CRO, Email, Social, Content
Past Speakers: Danny Sullivan, Marty Weintraub, Scott Brinker, Michael King, Angie Schottmuller
Ticket: $2,195

mozCon – July TBD
Seattle, WA
Topics: SEO, PPC, Content, Analytics, Social, CRO
Past Speakers: Marty Weintraub, Annie Cushing, Rand Fishkin, Wil Reynolds, Joanna Lord
Ticket: $899

Inbound 2013 – Aug. 19-22
Boston, MA
Topics: SEO, PPC, Email, Content, Analytics
Past Speakers: Rand Fishkin, Tim Ash, Joshua Porter, Amanda Iglesias, Craig Ryomoto
Ticket: $1,499

C3 2013 – Sept. 17-19
New York, NY
Topics: SEO, PPC, Analytics
Speakers: Rand Fishkin, Bill Hunt, Wil Reynolds, Jeremiah Andrick, Seth Besmertnik
Ticket: $899

Pubcon Las Vegas – Oct. 22-25
Las Vegas, NV
Topics: SEO, PPC, Social, Content
Past Speakers: Matt Cutts, Scott Brinker, Alan Bleiweiss, Brian Clark, Rand Fishkin
Ticket: $TBA

Internet Summit – Nov. TBD
Raleigh, NC
Topics: SEO, PPC, Analytics, Social, Mobile
Past Speakers: David Perry, Duane Forrester, Brent Herd, Andy Beal, Mary D’Alatri
Ticket: $345

An Event Apart – Dec. 9-11
San Francisco, CA
Topics: Web Design, Content
Speakers: Luke Wroblewski, Jeremy Keith, Karen McGrane, Eric Meyer, Jeffrey Zeldman
Ticket: $1,145

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