Marketing To Women
A list of ways for marketing to women across the primary channels of social media, email, mobile, search, and blogs.

Marketing To Women

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Advertising to Women: How to Advertise to Moms and Girls

All human experience and research shows, that women feel, think, communicate, decide and buy differently to men. In the field of marketing, this knowledge is still not sufficiently utilized. Both the purchasing power and the potential influence of women continue to be massively underestimated. To be successful in selling to both sexes, there is a need for a male and a female sales pitch that addresses female mentality and not simply address female gender stereotypes. If that were the case then all female products would be pink.

Have you ever wondered why young girl’s products are all in pink and yellow? Because it is not through a young girls needs or wants. It appeals to parents who subconsciously want to enforce female gender roles on their daughters. They do not want to end up with the “tom boy”. The same principal applies to young boys. Truth be told it is worrying about just how many fathers try to encourage masculine traits, by buying their boys muscle bound action figures, and encouraging them to watch a bunch of sweaty guys chase a ball around a field. Do not be surprised when your teenage boys start chasing muscle bound sweaty men around a gym.

There is now ample evidence that men spend less time shopping. They rush purposefully down the hallways to give the shelves a few eye-stops and then move on. As for the length of stay, there is an agreed average:

            4 minutes and 41 seconds: women with men

            5 minutes and 2 seconds: women only

            7 minutes and 19 seconds: women with children

            8 minutes and 15 seconds: women with a female companion

Men look at cars and examine the wide tires, the exhaust, the streamlined shape and then throw a glance under the hood before pressing all the buttons. Women are more interested in the color, the comfortable seats, air bags and the spacious trunk. Many women talk to their car and give it a name. For them, the car is something of a family member, for men however, it is a penis extension. Studies have shown that when taking up jogging, a woman’s first port of call is jogging clothing, a man’s first port of call is the footwear department.

This signals that your sales pitch needs to be geared toward both the female mentality and their shopping habits. If anything, you should really avoid any issues that bring up gender, when creating a sales pitch. When selling to men, it is okay to appeal to their masculine side, but this does not apply to women. A lot of gender stereotyping has led to women appearing weak willed, weak minded or sexual prey. Is that really what you want to appeal to when selling to women? On the other hand, being too clinical won’t win you any prizes either. Think of how Ann Summers do it. They make the woman appear as the superior race, adorned for the worship of man.  Notice how all the female models (mannequins) are on pedestals, and then notice how all the men’s products are below waist height. Look at the male models in your local clothes store, they are looking at you or to the side. The female models in Ann Summers are mostly looking up and away.

Your best bet is to study the female shopping pattern and decision process in your industry and then appeal to it.  So with the jogging example for instance, put the female jogging clothing in the window in spring and early summer (when people start jogging off their winter fat). Add in a few clothing offers with the purchase of jogging trainers, and you have sold to a large portion of female joggers. With men, you would simply put a few trainers in the window that have “special” properties, such as Rolls Royce inspired suspension in the heels, or thermal dissipation technology.

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