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Mobile Marketing Strategy

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Viral Mobile Marketing: Tips and Strategies for Mobile Marketing

Have you ever seen a funny promotional video by e-mail? This is just one of many examples of viral marketing. Viral mobile marketing is one of the major marketing trend topics of recent times. This is basically a form of word-of-mouth information dissemination between the various market participants. Interesting, funny, provocative, or simply entertaining messages spread like wildfire, especially on the Internet. This is also true for appropriately designed advertising if it is done in the right way.

Well-made viral mobile marketing messages conform to the expectations of users. The user will enjoy the message and bond with it instead of viewing it as junk. Viral advertising messages have a different status than unsolicited advertising, chiefly because it does not come from the company in most cases. After the message is released, it is then passed on, by people who know other people. So the chances are that you will receive the message from somebody you know, rather than the company who started it all.

Viral mobile marketing is an advertising message aimed at specific target groups, particularly active and well-networked consumers, trendsetters, opinion leaders, alphas, etc. These are often the first people whose opinion matters enough, that people will want to hear from them, and then pass it on.

There are a great many campaigns that are lost in the sand. Despite some interesting content, the target is often missed. The effect fizzles out, because users were simply not moved by the advertising message, so as to distribute it out of pure self-motivation.

This is usually due to the fact that the message was not bold, or that it held no risk. Sometimes it is a lack of value for users in terms of entertainment value or monetary benefit. The distribution of the message is sometimes not carried out professionally.

Simple Tips to help you on your way

Build a community of followers and then send your message to them. They will often circulate material that is lack luster, simply because they support you.

Do research into the minds of your community of followers and your customer base. Make sure that your message hits their buttons first, before it interests other people.

Don’t make it about popular subjects such as a recent film. The marketing message will be lost, unless you are directly related to selling or producing that particular film.

Monitor web chatter to see if your message is being passed around and if it is getting a positive reception.

Don’t post boring marketing messages. Imagine two of your customers are standing across the street. One is looking at you, and one is looking away. You must do something that will inspire your customer to nudge the other person and say “hey, look at that”. So doing a boring dance etc. won’t do it. Scale the building that stands behind you, and you may get a response.

If you have come up with a good viral message, then stoke the fires as it is circulating. Release another update about how the “thing” has gotten crazier, worse, better, etc.

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