Online Guerrilla Marketing Ideas, Examples and Tactics
A list of the 16 best online guerrilla marketing ideas, examples and tactics to use for promoting your business.

Online Guerrilla Marketing Ideas, Examples and Tactics

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The Guerrilla Marketing term was coined by Jay Conrad Levinson, an American consultant, who helped smaller companies out of trouble with innovative advertising campaigns. The idea is to use a small budget to achieve a mass action from a target group. It's not about large scale branding, but rather the achievement of the individual and effective competition by appropriate means. Guerrilla Marketing uses different communication instruments, at comparatively low costs, aimed towards the largest possible number of people.  Campaigns that are geared towards mass media such as television, radio and print media are not classified as Guerrilla marketing, because they are contrary to the fundamental aspects of an inexpensive campaign.

Guerrilla tactics may involve:

• "Face/headvertising" campaigns

• Vehicle advertising

• Word of mouth

• T-Shirts

• E-mails

• Surreptitious graffiti

• Sending a personal message via Bluetooth

• Sticker and poster campaigns using statically charged self-adhesive films

This represents only a small selection of the enormous diversity within Guerrilla marketing.

Viral marketing uses channels of the Internet, such as social networks, to generate attention. One could compare viral marketing with word of mouth, but the effect is many times greater. There are also things like Link bait, in which a person creates content, that other people will want to link to without being prompted.

Ambush marketing is also considered a form of guerrilla marketing and the idea is to exploit the presence of a major media event.  Attaching marketing efforts to big sporting events is common place.  Ambush marketing may be, let’s say, if a footballer cheated on his wife, a night club may claim that it was frequented by the football player and his mistress.  It would be done with an alarming tagline, such as “Rovers Disco, come and see the corner where Freddy spent his half time”.

Ambient marketing is a form of guerrilla marketing that relies on the use of advertising in public.  It's about generating attention through its presence in public.  This is stuff like cards in phone boxes, posters on lamp posts, fast food packaging, etc.

Basically, if you can whip up some form of consumer frenzy by cheap means, then it is probably guerrilla marketing.  Things such as Blogs and comment sections are a good place to start.  See how many websites you can get to link to you.  Try social media and see how many comments you can illicit from people or how many “likes” you can get for your contributions.

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