How to Improve Your Real Estate Company Reviews
How online reviews can impact your company and the importance of maintaining a positive presence.

How to Improve Your Real Estate Company Reviews

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How Online Reviews Affect Real Estate Agents

For a real estate agent, having a great online reputation is extremely important. Due to the rise of online review sites, agents need to make sure that the business they do with their clients creates an extremely positive experience for them.

How Often People Use Review Sites

Statistically, it is known that 38% of people never use review sites such as Yelp and Angie's list to seek reviews of real estate agents.10% of people very often use these forms of resources to determine credibility and professionalism of these individuals. The rest of the majority does not or somewhat often considers seeking online reputations of agents.

What Makes People Choose a Real Estate Agent Online

It is good to keep in mind that 62% of individuals are most likely to contact agents that have positive reviews clearly posted about them online. 22% of individuals like to see an agent that is active in the community and credentials within their industry.

Why People Write Reviews

What brings people to even leave agents a personal review? Well, 65% of individuals take this initiative if they have been provided excellent customer service. Looking to the other side of the spectrum, 19% take the time to write a review if the service was less than desirable.


When asked whether or not they would contact an agent with mostly five star ratings and a few two star ones as well, here is how people responded:
  • Somewhat Likely – 38%
  • Very Likely – 33%
  • Yes – 19%
  • Not Likely – 9%
  • No – 2%

  • Word of Mouth

    Further results show that 43% of individuals would perform an internet search on a real estate agent after they were recommended to them through word of mouth. As you can see, the statistics show how important it is to look after your online reputation. The reality of the situation is, if you continuously receive bad reviews from your clients, people are less likely to contact you for real estate services.

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