The 18 Best Real Estate Website Marketing Ideas
An outline of the 18 best real estate website elements to use for your homepage.

The 18 Best Real Estate Website Marketing Ideas

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18 Best Real Estate Website Marketing Ideas

1. Header
Should be clear and concise as both the search engines and visitors see this from the get go.

2. Sub-Header
This section should be a short and sweet description of what value your services offer.

3. Navigation
Create a clear path of navigating your website so reduce bounce rates. It should be organized with clean text, directing your traffic to where you want them to go.

4. Benefits
This should include a summary of your skills and qualifications, serving as an opportunity to tell your visitors how you can help them.

5. Primary Images
Imagery will grab your visitors attention so be sure to have it be professional quality and suitable for your audience.

6. Primary Call to Action
This section should provide options for your visitors at every stage in the buying cycle.

7. Teaser Properties
Showcase the most desirable properties from the marketplace.

8. Sharing and Saving Opportunities
Visitors should have the ability to save properties they are interested in to make it easy to share and capture additional lead opportunities.

9. Recruitment Messaging
This section allows your growth to be demonstrated while discussing the value of working for and with you.

10. Secondary Calls to Action
Providing content to the visitor such as ebooks, market data, tips, and real estate tools is beneficial in gaining more leads.

11. Up-To-Date Blog Content
Keeping a consistently updated blog helps to add additional content and use inbound marketing methods.

12. Testimonials
This section provides proof of your service quality and generates positive response to what you have to offer by using real people to deliver your message.

13. Additional Resources
Offer local information, maps, and resources to allow your visitors to decide what property would suit their needs the best.

14. Secondary Navigation
This is accomplished with the use of footers and sidebars to quick link second tier supporting pages.

15. More Social Proof
Showcase awards, press, and publications for a positive image.

16. Footer Calls to Action
Create leads here by adding social media buttons, videos, and sub-navigation.

17. Physical Address
Adding a physical address can match you geographically to your visitors and help with local search ranking with sites such as Google+, Local, Bing Places, Yelp, and Yahoo!

18. Phone Number
Advertising your number allows potential customers to contact you offline and convert that visitors into a prospect and eventually a lead.

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