Right Brain Marketing vs. Left Brain Marketing
The differences between right and left brain marketing and their characteristics.

Right Brain Marketing vs. Left Brain Marketing

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What Kind of Marketer Are You?

It is a long standing theory in psychology that the left and right sides of the brain work separately to contribute to an individual’s personality. In marketing, there are both left-brain and right-brain thinkers, and finding out which one you fall under can easily be done after analyzing the type of campaigns you design. Read below to find out what side of your brain is the most dominant when it comes to your way of thinking and what types of visions you have when it comes to marketing.


Left-brain – The left-brained marketer is marked by his/her attention to facts and logic. He/She tends to focus on realism, and as a result, is always, neat, planned, and orderly. This type of marketer loves to think about math and science and is always caught reading nonfiction books.

Right-brain – The right-brained marketer is usually more emotional, and focuses his/her attention on expressing their dreams and imagination through art and creativity. Some other common characteristics of right-brain marketers are that they appear to be absentminded, prefer to read fiction, and enjoy telling stories through creative means.

Television Advertising Vision

  • Gives practical reasons to buy the product.
  • Compares product to competitors.
  • Gives testimonials from happy customers.

  • Right-brain:
  • Contains a short story.
  • Climax and resolution involving the brand.
  • Uses comedy and surprise.
  • Creates a memorable impression.

  • Magazine Advertising Vision

  • Contains a custom URL or landing page for each magazine.
  • Analyzes which magazine brings the most ROI.

  • Right-brain:
  • Contains a foldout with eye-catching imagery.
  • Entices the imagination of the audience.
  • Goal is to romanticize the reader into buying the product.

  • Billboard Vision

  • Explains how the customer will save money.

  • Right-brain:
  • Associates the product with luxury and pleasure.

  • Online Marketing Vision

  • Uses software that tracks campaign metrics and ROI.

  • Right-brain:
  • Works to create a forceful and successful social media campaign to spread brand awareness.
  • Utilizes YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to learn from customers and create a bond with them.

  • Quotes

    “Profit begins with marketing. The best way to measure a marketing campaign’s success is through its impact on bottom-line revenue.”

    “Marketing is an art, not a science. Its impact is measured with brand loyalty any perception. It can’t always be measured with math.”

    Whether you are a lefty or righty, it can be seen that both sides have their pros and cons. After reading this article you will be able to tell which category you fall under and what your strengths and weaknesses are accordingly. It is important to know what you are good at to succeed in your campaign and play to your strengths.

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