Online Sign Up Sheet Template and Example
The 11 main parts to creating an effective sign up sheet.

Online Sign Up Sheet Template and Example

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Top 11 Tools You Need to Have a Successful “Join Us” Page

In order to get more members to join your union online, you have to create a convincing webpage that will entice your visitors. Here are some methods you can use to build a persuasive landing page.

1. Headlines
This is where you create your first impression and set the tone of your page.
They give a personality to your page that allows you to become more relatable.

2. Visible Button
It has been found that 50% of union websites have not placed a call to action button on their homepage.
Place a visible button to prevent losing potential members.

3. Introduction
Tell a story about your organization that makes your union more relatable and appealing to potential members.

4. Video
95% of international union websites misguidedly do not place videos on their Join pages.
A short and engaging video that explains the basics about your organization can raise your credibility and bring you a higher conversion rate.

5. Benefits
List the most important benefits of joining your organization to create an incentive for more members to join your team.

6. Social Proof
Display real testimonials from your members to position your union as trustworthy.

7. FAQ/Union 101
60% of unions make the mistake of not providing an FAQ page to guide their beginners.
These types of pages will prevent misconceptions about joining your union.

8. Lead Generation
This is a form that asks for the name, e-mail, and phone number of potential members.
It is a valuable tool for generating leads and gathering more information about your visitors.

9. Wage Comparison
Place a graph that compares the wages of the members of your union to nonmembers.
This method is used by less than 10% of unions, even though it is one of the most effective ways to keep the attention of potential members.

10. Contact Info
Less than 50% of unions place their emails or phone numbers on their “join” pages.
Clearly display your contact information to make yourself readily available.

11. Online App
Place the membership application for your union online to make it easier for people to join.
This task will speed up the process and save time for you and the new member as well.

After reading this article, you will know more about the methods you can use to create a successful union landing page. The tools mentioned above will raise your conversion rates and having a more thoughtfully planned site will make your members and potentials more knowledgeable about your organization too.

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