The Marketing Life Cycle Diagram with Examples
Five elements to the marketing life cycle that help grow your business.

The Marketing Life Cycle Diagram with Examples

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Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Coming up with marketing strategies for small businesses can be difficult. Here are some methods you can use to create a streamlined process that will allow you to gain and maintain your customers.

Gaining Leads

Create them to be under 5 minutes to maintain engagement.

Landing Pages
Produce pages that will make your users to stay.
Place your most important items above the fold, where users spend 80% of their time.

Paid webinars have a higher percentage of attendance (96.5%) as compared to open ones (33%).
Embed your videos to increase your conversion rates.

Online Forms
Online forms are 95% more preferred than paper forms according to a survey.
10,000 sheets of paper are used per year by the average U.S. office worker.
15-25% businesses place their documents online.

Customer Management

Customer Relationship Management
Having a great customer relationship can increase a sales person’s revenue by 41%.
Sales and marketing teams can decrease their costs by 23%.
80% of profits are credited to loyal customers.

Internal Databases
Unfortunately, most businesses keep only 10% of their information in databases.

Customer Engagement

Social Utilize social media platforms like Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook to learn from the opinions of your customers.
Get Retweets on Twitter by including humor and good content in your tweets.
74% of consumers have reported that they use social networks to help them make a purchasing decision.

Create effective campaigns that have at least a 20% open rate and a 4.5% click-through rate.

Websites that blog are 97% more likely to have inbound links.

Selling/Business Development

Buy Now
It has been reported that 83% of buyers do not trust advertising anymore.
Have great customer service so that your customers will recommend you to others.

Landing Pages
A relevant and appealing landing page can doubly boost your conversions.

Companies give their email campaigns a rating of 72% ROI.

Inbound Marketing

78% of blogging websites gain clients because they blog daily.
55% of blogging companies receive more web traffic than those who don’t.
43% of websites use a blog to help their marketing efforts.

Public Relations
Share the content you create by spreading them across multiple social platforms.

Bring traffic to your website by including relevant keywords on the content of your website.
Placing powerful keywords will bring more users to your website.

Now that you know about the possible marketing tools and choices you can make, you can start spreading more awareness about your brand. Using these methods will allow more customers to find you and ultimately raise your level of business.

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