10 Best Website Badges to Use for Promotion
An outline of how product badges help to sell your product with ten best practices for using them.

10 Best Website Badges to Use for Promotion

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Create Merchandising Magic with Product Badges

Product badging is a method that merchandisers use to visually highlight and inform about their products as well. It helps customers find what they are looking for and make decisions as well. Using a product badge will help you inform your potential customers effectively and creatively.

The Simplicity of Product Badging

Use What You Have.
You can place your badges over existing product images.

Boost Your Relevancy.
Create a system of badges that works to recommend or show products that a user has seen previously.

Badge Your Categories.
Create badges for brands or categories of products so that you don’t need to identify each one with text.

Stay Consistent.
Use the same product badges that you use on categories and place them onto product detail pages as well to increase your add-to-cart rate and revenue.

Update Frequently.
Place a badge for top seller products and update them frequently to match performance trends.

Optimize Recommendations.
Enhance your product recommendations with badges to catch more attention and reach your target audience.

Top 10 Product Badging Practices

1. Use What Works.
Use common badges like “New” or “Best Seller” that you know will already work.

2. Experiment.
Test different variables, like color, text, and placement to find out what will bring the best results.

3. Control Your Usage.
Don’t over-label your product images with too many badges as this will lead to a loss of trust from your consumers.

4. Use Appropriate Language.
Use words that can be easily understood by your audience and avoid using jargon.

5. Have Great Pictures with a Zoom Option.
Give your customers a magnifying option to let them see the product up close, as if they were shopping at a physical location.

6. Use Video.
Use a “play” badge on your product image to signify that the particular product has an accompanying video.

7. Brand Your Badges.
Create badges that indicate what brand the product is from to help customers make their choices.

8. Use Holiday Badges.
Take advantage of holidays by suggesting a gift for Valentine’s Day or Christmas.

9. Be Specific.
Give detailed information using badges that say “Made in the USA” or “Available in Different Colors” to give your customers another reason to make a purchase.

10. Tell Your Location.
Use badges to customize recommendations and show which products are best for the current weather conditions the shopper lives in.

11. BONUS: Know Your Visitors
Uses badges to recommend new items for returning customers and recommend top selling items to first-time visitors.

Product badging can help your visitors learn more quickly about your products and make them stand out at the same time. Use it to your advantage after reading the tips above and you will find that your customers will be better informed prior to making their purchases than when they were before. A simple badge can help you effectively give the message you want in a very simple way and raise your sales as well.

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