Word of Mouth Marketing Statistics
A list of the most recent word of mouth marketing statistics.

Word of Mouth Marketing Statistics

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Word of Mouth Marketing Statistics and WOM Marketing Tips

Word of mouth marketing statistics are pretty much immeasurable. Companies who claim to have infiltrated massive groups and produced X-amount of chatter are lying to you. The only real way you can measure word of mouth marketing is through an increase in sales, which is due to nothing else other than word of mouth marketing. So for example if your word of mouth marketing goes hand in hand with a poster campaign, then you have no way of telling if it was the poster campaign that caused the sales. How do you know that the poster campaign did not hit the streets at the optimum time and cause the increase in sales? Even if you can attribute your increase in sales towards nothing else, other than your word of mouth marketing, there is still no way of knowing how many people that the information went through. Programs and data may give you a clue, but you can never be sure. Your increase of 10% in sales may be due to word of mouth/web chatter between 50 people, or between 300,000 people. You will never know for sure.

Marketing means that you know the market. You are known by the market that you sell and communicate to on a regular basis. Marketing by adaptation to the environment involves your competition and other influences outside of your targeted consumer groups.

Viral marketing spreads web chatter and word of mouth messages through campaigns that have the propensity to spread themselves, and multiply spontaneously between people. The fundamental concept that distinguishes viral marketing from the traditional one is that the idea-virus spread is initially through a niche of people, usually influencers of issues, to then be propagated on a wide scale thanks to the Internet. Electronic communications and social networks facilitate the exchange of information very quickly. Fully understanding the dynamics underlying the different social networks can create effective marketing strategies in order to spread information virally.

Ambient advertising is location based, and consists of using the physical environment as a communication medium to convey messages brands or products, in which there is a low concentrating of advertising messages. Guerrilla marketing is a complex unconventional communication technique that aims to achieve maximum visibility with minimum investment, which is quite often followed with a high degree of word of mouth chatter. The key point of guerrilla marketing activity is the surprise effect.

Buzz marketing is a kind of word-of-mouth marketing that occurs at high frequency, as a result of a good marketing campaign. Buzz marketing is a set of online and offline marketing activities, aimed at feeding the conversations of people around the brand and its communication activities. 

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