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Twitter Retweeting
Getting your Twitter blogs re-tweeted is a very convoluted process, a little like how the topic of marketing is. Like the marketing discipline, there are a lot of aspects to consider and rules to follow. In this article I will give you an idea of rules that you should probably follow if you want your Tweets re-tweeted. 

Social Media Objectives and Marketing Strategy Examples
Marketing plans are an extension of operational strategies, and define precisely what must be done, by whom, when, how and with/by what means.

How to Use LinkedIn for Marketing
Make your profile a business showcase!

Social Media Influence
Social networking is a great way to kill a hell of a lot of time.

Google Plus Marketing Strategy
Here are a few tips for designing content for Google + that will gain you a little bit of positive attention.

When is the Best Time to Tweet
The best times to post on Twitter.

Best Time of Day to Post on Facebook
The best times to post on Facebook.

Company Facebook Page Tips
Having a fan page on Facebook may bring benefits for your company, and there ends the article thank you for reading.

User Generated Content Statistics
User generated content is the new buzzword for any new business model on the Internet, so you are probably asking yourself what it is.

LinkedIn Profile Tips
LinkedIn lists more than 150 million registered members, making it the world's largest social network in the B2B sector (Business to Business).

Twitter Tips for Business
Pay attention to your branding.

Facebook Edgerank Algorithm
For a start keep your posts short.

How to Use Twitter for Beginners
Getting started on Twitter is fairly straight forward as the registration takes you through the main pointers, and any other aspects are quickly assimilated through use of the site.

Free Twitter Monitoring Tools
First of all you must understand that you cannot read every tweet.

Social Media Integration & How to Integrate Social Media
The idea, that companies find social media integration difficult because it is a process and not an event, is erroneous as it is based on generalizations and false assumptions.

New Emerging Social Media Trends for 2013
Companies and brands have taken to the idea of social media with great numbers, in attempts to find a foothold in this growing marketing channel.

Social Media and PR Using Social Media PR for Marketing
This year has seen a somewhat of a change in the communications strategies of some of the world’s biggest companies.

Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks for Businesses
Promote your presence on the network as much as possible so as to gain more fans or followers.

Measuring Social Media ROI and Social Media ROI Tools
To judge the success of a social media marketing strategy, it is necessary to build an evaluation process to be followed consistently and rigorously.

B2B Social Media Marketing Strategies that Work
If you believe that any company on earth is going to give you a competent social media marketing strategy that actually works well, then you are a carrot.

The Best Social Media Applications for Business Marketing
Contrary to what one might expect, the presence of companies or brands aiming at B2B (business to business) via social media is not so incongruous.

Social Media Video Marketing Tips and Tricks
The video sharing platforms are very numerous on the Internet.

List of Social Media Gurus and Social Media Experts
An in depth listing of social media gurus and becoming a social media expert.

New Social Media Websites to Watch Out For
The micro-blogging site Tumblr is a sort of cross between a blog and Twitter.

List of the Best Social Media Marketing Books
A listing of useful social media marketing books.

List of the Best Online Social Media Marketing Courses
Market Motive offer a training course centered around the marketing aspects of social media.

List of the Best Free Social Media Webinars on YouTube
This is a video that is set up to inform, in return for something.

Social Media Listening Tools, Platforms, and Strategy
Keep first in mind that a strategy is not limited to tools, or a mere presence on social networks.

The Social Media Audit Strategy Checklist
Firstly do a preliminary study on your web business as a whole, and how it relates to your social media marketing strategy.

Why is Social Media Important to a Small Business
The biggest reason is because there are a lot of markets that are entering the social media medium and making a splash in there.

List of the Best New Social Media Technology Tools
There are soooo many tools out there for you to play with, that making this list was very easy.

Social Media Proposal Samples, Examples, and Templates
There are three approaches to social media or Web 2.0.

Creating Social Media Guidelines for Companies
Choose the appropriate social network.

How to Create a Social Media Hub
Hubs are places in which a person may produce and publish articles on whichever subjects they desire.

List of Upcoming Social Media Events in 2012
A listing of upcoming social media events in 2012.

How to Choose a Social Media Marketing Consultant
Make sure to properly evaluate the service they are offering and to verify the professionalism of the consultant.

Social Media Marketing for Restaurants Tutorial
You may often think of creating a Facebook page or making a deal on Groupon (USA & Canada).

Social Media Marketing Definition What is Social Media Marketing
SEO and Social Marketing Communication is a new form of communication.

Social Media Marketing Tactics to Use on Facebook
Do not confuse strategy and tactics!!!

Real Estate Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks
The biggest difference between a good negotiator and is a bad negotiator is marketing.

Automotive Social Media Marketing Tips
You should offer a 5% discount to people who receive your e-newsletter or who are friends with you on a social media site.

Social Media Marketing for Dentists Tutorial
A dentist can focus on social media and increase footfall massively, by gently nudging regular customers to come in for a check-up.

Social Media Marketing for Hotels Tutorial
Create an account/profile on every social media you can.

Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Examples and Tips
Incorporating guerrilla marketing into your social media marketing campaigns is easier because social media is often free to use, and able to reach lots of people in a short time, irrespective of distance.

List of Twitter Unfollow Tools and Twitter Unfollower Tracker Apps
A useful list of Twitter unfollow tools and tracker apps.

Best Follow Me on Twitter Buttons and Icons for My Website
What the best Follow Me buttons and icons for Twitter are to use on your website.

Best Places to Put Twitter Share Button and Retweet Button
Tweet share buttons are used to share a piece of text (your current blog) with your friends and followers.

How to Buy Twitter Followers to Get More Twitter Followers
There are companies out there that will sell you followers on Twitter.

How to Get More Twitter Followers for Free
Here are some tricks that can help you increase the number of followers:

Who Has the Most Followers on Twitter in the World
Here are your top ten Twitter stats, starting with the most popular:

Twitter Direct Message, Marketing Send, Automate, and Limits
After several months in private beta came Socialomate, a new tool for Twitter was developed by Jean-François Ruiz.

Twitter Reply Tutorial: Using Twitter Replies to Connect
Let us assume that you have set up your Twitter account.

Using Twitter Hashtags: Popular Hashtags and Hashtag Search
What are hashtags?

List of the Best Twitter Follower Tools and Software Tutorial
The tools below will allow you to follow and un-follow twitters in greater numbers.

Twitter Trending Now Topics List Tutorial
The amount and variety of topics tweeted about on Twitter is innumerable.

Twitter RSS Feed Tutorial: Using Feeds on Website with Widgets
The majority of Internet users have heard of RSS or Atom (probably because of all those gif buttons around the network), but haven’t a clue what It’s all about.

Tumblr Reblog Tutorial: How to Reblog Yourself on Tumblr
Firstly let’s get you on Tumblr.

Best Sites for Tumblr Backgrounds and Tumblr Wallpapers
Some of the best sites for Tumblr backgrounds and Tumblr wallpapers.

Best Tumblr Theme Generators and Custom Tumblr Themes
Just because there are 12 year olds creating Tumblr themes does not mean it is easy, but on the other hand, it is not too complex for most people to take on.

Tumblr Template Tutorial: How to Create Tumblr Templates
Tumblr only uses one HTML page and has the CSS along with the scripts within the head code at the top of the HTML page/code/file.

Tumblr Bookmarklet Tutorial: Using the Share on Tumblr Bookmarklet
This is a brief introduction to Tumblr, which is a really great blogging tool.

Tumblr Followers Tutorial: How to Get More Tumblr Followers
Tumblr is a social network, which like most, is available for use by anybody for free.

Tumblr Followers Counter and Tumblr Follower Tracker Tutorial
The tools I use in this tutorial are just used for example.

How to Choose Cool Tumblr Blog Names
What is the difference between Facebook and Tumblr?

How to Find Tumblr Blogs that Follow Back
The first thing you can do is find a way of telling people that you will follow them back if they follow you.

How to Manage Multiple Tumblr Blogs
You are able to create additional Blogs other than your primary one.

Deleting a Tumblr Blog: How to Delete a Tumblr Blog
Go to the delete accounts page and think hard before you delete, because not only your primary blog is going to be deleted, but also any additional blogs will be too.

Private Tumblr Blog Tutorial: Make Tumblr Blog Private
For a little bit of privacy, you can password protect one of your additional blogs on Tumblr.

Tumblr Blog Ideas and Tumblr Blog Title Ideas
I discovered Tumblr some time ago but I never took the time to give my opinion on this platform.

Embed Tumblr Blog Tutorial: Embedding Your Blog
Here is how you can embed your Tumblr Blog into your website.

How to Import Blog to Tumblr Tutorial
On average, each post is re-blogged nine times, so consider content first and be hasty later.

Tumblr Friends Tutorial: How to Find and Search for Friends
Your account with Tumblr allows you to create a custom blog that covers all types of information, such as text, pictures and music.

Best Website for Tumblr Pictures
Tumblr’s a micro blogging medium for social networking, which is suitable for shorter posts like Twitter.

How to Put Music on Tumblr Profile
Please note that a significant number of Tumblr users really dislike the notion of a music track/player set on autoplay.

Tumblr Profile Counter Tutorial: Tumblr Profile View Counters
Tumblrize is a Wordpress plugin which allows you to publish any of your notes of your Wordpress Blog onto your Blog with Tumblr.

Tumblr Profile Picture Tutorial: Add Cool Profile Pictures to Tumblr
Your portrait picture is not the one that you see on your dashboard or the icon that is shown when you follow someone.

Best Tumblr Widgets for Blogger, Wordpress, and Joomla
The best Tumblr widgets for Blogger, Wordpress, and Joomla.

Tumblr API Tutorial and Ways to Use It
The Tumblr API is partly responsible for the great many third party applications that have cropped up since its creation.

LinkedIn Company Page Tips on How to Create Your Company Page
Once you get your business up and running on LinkedIn Company Pages, there will be no looking back.

Business Blogging 101: Business Blogging Tips and Ideas
A blog is a web site that allows a writer to create posts about their own experiences, observations, and opinions.

How to Use and Set Up a Google Plus Business Page
Google+, a recent release by Google, is now the new Facebook, but many are not using it to its full potential.

Pinterest Time on Site Statistics
The average Pinterest user spends 1 hour and 17 minutes on the site.

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